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 The Charleston Chapter has Charleston, SC (Charleston County) as its  headquarters and encompasses the “Low Country” from the North Carolina/South Carolina line to and including Savannah GA.  The Chapter nick name is the “Gee Chee” Chapter – a local pre-Civil War Gullah term.

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ASHRAE Chapter 113 History 

On September 10, 1894 the American Society of Heating and Ventilating Engineers (ASHVE) was established. On December 5, 1904 the American Society of Refrigeration Engineers (ASRE) was founded. In 1906 the term "Air Condition" was coined by a North Carolinian - Stuart Cramer. On January 29, 1959 ASRE and ASHAE merged to form the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

The Charleston Chapter of ASHRE was Chartered on April 14, 1971.  Thirty – six members petitioned the Society at that time.  Of those original members, F.A. Bailey (’71), Clyde Poplin (’72), Tom Saunders (’73), Ivan Valdes (’74), Furman Cullum (’75), Bob Townsend (’76) and Mel Bundy (’79) served as Presidents.  As of 2006, four Charter Members still frequent meetings – Furman Cullum, Bob Townsend, George Rast, and Mel Bundy.  The Chapter has a third generation member, Charles Hipp III, who served as President (’03).  Today the current Charleston Chapter grew from the division of the South Carolina Chapter in Columbia SC and the Savannah Chapter in Savannah GA (now disestablished).   The first Charleston Chapter President was F. A. Bailey III 1971 & 1972.

Charleston Chapter has had the fortune to charter two sections and two student chapters, all currently active.  The Student Chapter at the Savannah School of Art and Design, Savannah GA, was Chartered in 2003.    The Student Chapter at College of Charleston, Charleston SC, was Chartered in 1993.  The Myrtle Beach Section of ASHRAE, Myrtle Beach SC, was Chartered April 8, 1997.  The Savannah Section of ASHRAE, Savannah GA, was Chartered April 7, 1995.

A gala 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Chapter was held April 8, 1997 on the deck of the U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier, the U. S. Yorktown.  The Charleston Chapter has maintained a "Historian Archive" since 1971 and at present it remains with the Historian at the College of Charleston, Charleston SC. 

ASHRAE’s success as the world's leader in the HVAC & R industry is the direct result of leadership's, continued involvement and the dedication of all the society's membership.  The following is a list of Chapter Presidents starting in 1971:

Chapter Presidents, Charleston Chapter of ASHRAE

1970-1971                     F.A. Bailey, III (acting)

1971-1972                     F.A. Bailey III                 

1972-1973                    Clyde B. Poplin, Jr.   

1973-1974                    Thomas Saunders

1974-1975                    Ivan S. Valdes          

1975-1976                    Furman R. Cullum

1976-1977                    Robert Townsend

1977-1978                    George B. Rast    

1978-1979                    R. Al. Jones         

1979-1980                    Melvin D. Bundy

1981-1982                    John C. Powell

1982-1983                    John C. Clayton

1983-1984                    James M. Bailey

1984-1985                    Bill Strunk          

1985-1986                    Dave Astle       

1986-1987                    Danny McKay    

1987-1988                    Edgar A. Fripp

1988-1989                    M. Dennis Knight     

1989-1990                    Larry Michel      

1990-1991                    F. Joseph Fisher 

1991-1992                    Brandt Williams

1992-1993                    Dave Phelps     

 1993-1994                    Rudy Cullum     

1994-1995                    Bill Knight           

1995-1996              Ron Runyon 

1996-1997              Ron Runyon       

1997-1998              Don Tate            

1998-1999              Dick Trent            

1999-2000                     Michael Weeks

2000-2001                     M. Dennis Knight

2001-2002                     David Tomayko

2002-2003                     Steve Marek       

2003-2004                     Charles Hipp III

2004-2005                     Chris Crane       

2005-2006              Bo Nutting   

2006-2007              Bo Nutting 

2007-2008              Phil Garces 

2008-2009              Rob Turner

2009-2010              Pete Conroy         

2010-2011              Brian Keiser 

2011-2012              Eric Crawford

2012-2013              Mike Cladakis

2013-2014             Chris Constantine

 ASHRAE History/Chasn Chapt History:      History Chair:  Dave Tomayko   

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